What We Do

General Semantics provides an ultrafast way for businesses and investors to view and analyze the structure of a given industry.

General Semantics’ taxonomy-building software, Otto, creates intuitive, interactive maps of both private and public businesses. These maps allows users to rapidly understand the various categories and subcategories into which an industry is divided, at a level of precision far greater than conventional industry classification codes.

Otto uses a proprietary algorithm, based on natural language processing and network analysis, to infer structure from any given database of companies and their business descriptions. Unlike supervised machine-learning algorithms, Otto can organize companies without any user input in advance. As a result, Otto can define industry categories that have never before been recognized by any human analyst, giving users a significant edge over competitors in industry insight and knowledge. Highly scalable and capable of processing a variety of data sources, Otto is the faster, easier way to build custom industry taxonomies or organize other proprietary unstructured data.

General Semantics’ Archie can find the companies most similar to a target company. Given textual data, Archie enables very rapid identification of smallco competitors, discovering start-ups similar to established firms, or collecting public companies comparable to a given private company for financial modeling purposes.

We operate on a Software as a Service basis, providing our clients interactive tools for exploring markets of interest, with features customized to their needs.